Lost Sheep Cavalry


Who We Are...

You will find the latest information about the Lost Sheep Cavalry Ministries International both here and aboard. Along with opportunities available to you...

Our Ministries


· Intercessory Prayer

· Adult and Children Bible Studies

· Street and Visitation

· Hospitals, Nursing Homes, & Prisons

· Children’s Ministry

· Biker/ Rides

· Missions

· Conferences

· Audio and Video

· and more


Our Mission

 Our ministry outreach is growing from motorcycle ministry to bikers, non-bikers, children, and women as well. We provide several services. Our mission is to seek, ignite, and disciple, others in the Truth of Jesus Christ causing that first church experience all over again in the hearts and minds of others throughout the highways of life. Part of that is helping people meet their needs by providing the best solutions that helps everyone as we further Kingdom building. If you want to contact us, please follow the directions on our contact page.

Changing future

Changing the future is more about equipping the generations to come for the battles they will face. This is done through fellowship, learning whether it is through our children's ministry "Lamb Patrol or equipping the youth through the skills learned through crisis and classes in the market place in America, Cambodia, or where ever God leads overseas...

Jesus said "Let the little children come to me. Don't stop them, because God's kingdom belongs to people who are like these children", (Matthew 19:14, ERV). This doesn't always mean in the church. Many times, we need to go where they are. Sometimes that means equipping them in their own environments to become the teachers, leaders, and inventors of the future.